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Todo App using AngularJS, Bootstrap, Yeoman (Grunt + Bower)

After the success of my previous post about the Todo app using Backbone + RequireJS + Bootstrap + Yeoman (Grunt + Bower), and following my recent experiments with AngularJS, I decided to do the same for this library too. Basically I ported the TodoMVC app to Yeoman, adapting some bits of the code for Yeoman […]

Todo app using Backbone + RequireJS + Bootstrap + Yeoman (Grunt + Bower)

For this app I wanted to mix up some of the modern front end development workflows: Backbone: JavaScript MVC* framework RequireJS: AMD module and dependency loader. Bootstrap: rapid front end prototyping Yeoman: has 3 main components: yo: for scaffolding, wich I didn’t use in this case because as version 1.0 they don’t have backbone scaffolds. […]

New Website Design!

Time pass quickly online, and my website was starting to look old. Unacceptable being a Front End developer. Now this website is responsive, using Twitter Bootstrap, which allowed me to do it fairly quickly. The design is much simpler, and I got rid of many pages and fluff around. A minimalistic approach that I’m enjoying […]